Friday, March 11, 2011

iSpring PPT to Flash animation evolved into

PPT is the daily work frequently used documents, whether the report or presentation to explain all need. However, in order to use PowerPoint PPT to rely on this to some extent limited the widespread use of the PPT. If you can convert it to Flash animation, it can be PPT content to more people share, is a classic PPT more widely disseminated. PPT to how it evolved into Flash animation?

Xiao Bian recommend to everyone today, a PowerPoint plug-iSpring, it can easily convert PPT document on the Web a more friendly Flash animation, also supports HTML page output, support for all series versions of PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003/2007 . Well, this look at how to use this small plug-in it!

ISpring installed after the start PowerPoint toolbar you will find more than a row of new buttons (Figure 1), direct application of this column on the "Quick Publish" and "Publish" button to quickly make two PPT to Flash animation evolution.

Method 1: First open the document you want to convert the PPT, then just click "Quick Publish", iSpring will be the default parameters of automatic conversion. Completed in the default browser to open HTML page file conversion good, where you can enjoy your PPT animation (Figure 2). Default parameters, the converted animations still play a slideshow, each click of the mouse will switch scenes.

Custom transformation parameters

Method 2: For the default parameters are dissatisfied, you can use the "Publish" button. Click the Settings dialog box will display parameters (Figure 3), including animation set to a new name, save the path. In addition, animated display of the parameters involved in a "Generate HTML" (it creates the page file), "Looped Playback" (loop), "Minimal Slide Duration" (slide switch time), "Automatic Step Advance Time" (automatic playback switching time) and so on. All set buttoned, you can point "Publish" to convert the.

Tips: In addition to the direct grasping for PPT to Flash animation, but also can be used to embed the new iSpring Flash, select where to insert, then click the "Insert Flash" select content to complete the work embedded.

Well, if you need to convert PPT to Flash animation, then iSpring is your tool of choice, the official also provides free and fee versions. At present, the free version is fully capable of competent job to job.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Photoshop rendering realistic beautiful necklace

Sincerely hope that this tutorial beginner photoshop can bring a little bit of friends I had had the sense of accomplishment. Because it is the author of the study two weeks after the first photoshop works, goes to work all right, I remember previously seen the necklace shape, so try relying on the impression a bit. The following is a result of which plan:

Effect Picture

Step 1:

Open photoshop, create a new file, set shown in Figure 1:

(Figure 1)

Step 2:

Tick the pendant with the outline of the Pen tool in the non-Chinese input state, press d key, foreground color set to black, click on the path to adjust the fill button on the board, to fill the black pendant, shown in Figure 2:

(Figure 2)

Step 3:

Step 2 Use the pen tool, such as tick chains and pearls, chains in the path of adjustment board to select Stroke Path button click; select the path Click Fill button pearl; shown in Figure 3:

(Figure 3)

Step 4:

Back to the Layers palette, click the pendant pearl strap were filled with layers of colors to choose their favorite color, as shown in Figure 4:

(Figure 4)

Step 5:

Shown in Figure 5, select the pendant layer styles in the Style palette will set the style for the web, then click the mercury style pendant layer in the Layers palette click the Style button on the right to adjust the style, such as the projection direction adjusted to the correct location, etc., you can try an item, you can feel fit, but also a change later.

(Figure 5)

Step 6:

Step 5 concocted as a way of style beads and lanyard, you can try to photoshop already provided in the various styles, choose a similar minor adjustments can be their own satisfaction, as shown in Figure 6

(Figure 6)

Step 7:

In the Layers palette to select the background layer, choose black and white gradient with the gradient tool, means for the radial, pulled out a straight line in the layer, fill the background as shown above to form a lighting effect. Open photoshop brush the top right of the default window, set the brush diameter of about 75, about 7% roundness set, in order to more clearly see to be the distance between the large (not adjusted it will not affect the operation of the back). Back to the Layers palette, the new layer and name stellate, with the brush tool by clicking on the corner of a pendant, and then brush the default window, set the angle of 90 degrees, the other the same, back to stellate layer Tap the same position again. Continue to open the brush preset window, set the angle of 45 degrees, the diameter reduced to 50 or so, back to stellate layer tap, and then set to 135 degrees angle, and then tap, stellate results came out, in order to more realistic number, on the establishment of a halo layer, and stellate size of a constituency almost circular, with white to transparent radial gradient fill mode, so that a realistic stellate results came out, as shown in Figure 7 , forgot to say, remember to make when stellate foreground set to white (English input state, press d key, then press the x key), set to black it does not matter, but ... ... you ever seen a black stellate Why?

(Figure 7)

Step 8:

Here we are mouse drawn necklace basically completed, but careful you'll find some significant problems still image above, right? By the way, in the lanyard and Pearl where the connection is obvious to see that strap on the Pearl is not the penetration overlap, which is later repaired, you can create a new fill layer, then use the brush tool to cover up this smear defects can also directly copy a short lanyard strap layer after it is adjusted to achieve realistic effects, and finally, marked their logo, a simple but beautiful necklace will be presented fairly in the face, and Figure 8 shown, you can bring other like pictures synthesis of production, this is something.

(Figure 8)

Sincerely hope that this tutorial beginner photoshop can bring a little bit of friends I had had the sense of accomplishment. Because it is the author of the study two weeks after the first photoshop works, goes to work all right, I remember previously seen the necklace shape, so try a bit With the impression, when looking at "My Own Swordsman", so to use the wish unparalleled actor Ni Hongjie PP Give us a few pictures of the necklace do advertising, hoho ~, if there are manufacturers willing to produce, friends are welcome to not busy month for indecent assault also affect frost discuss ~ ~ ~ Here are a few renderings :

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

SONG Jun-de: fixed integration will create new value space

From the global telecom industry trends, integration has become a mainstream trend, including the integration of fixed and mobile networks, communication networks and the Internet, extensive network integration, and integration of next-generation network industries. To face difficulties of this integration brings opportunities fixed.

Some scholars believe that, although the off-net rate has been fixed for everyone concerned, but the present situation, the voice is still the main profit operators, with the development of next generation networks, voice services such as integration of these, then the solid network will regain the status. Integration in the creation of new value, but also brought new markets. In the triple play is growing situation, the fixed network will have to face the future? "Triple play" is fixed can revitalize? This reporter interviewed a Beijing University of Posts and PhD supervisor Professor Song Junde.

Reporter: "triple play" is the trend, after the industry put forward the integration of fixed and mobile phones, the recent large-scale domestic IPTV test and further validate "triple play" trend. Well, IPTV's "triple play" process, will usher in what you think fixed the opportunities and challenges?

SONG Jun-de: The current popular concern the integration of fixed and mobile networks, that FMC is a general trend. Present by the BT (British Telecom) lead in many European countries have achieved this integration. Integration of services for fixed-line operator is a good thing, it can not guarantee that the loss of fixed-line users. Most users in the office and home time or more, the movement time was relatively small. In the case of non-integration, fear not find people who need to contact the user dials the phone more. Statistics show that 1 / 3 of people still like to dial in indoor mobile phone, because it is convenient, do not remember the office phone, home phone and so on, save a lot of trouble. If you fixed everything compatible, you can include all the services one. Both indoors and outdoors can seamlessly switch, then most would go to the indoor fixed-line business.

But now there is a major problem in China, the two main fixed-line operator does not move the license, which is the integration of fixed network operators will bring some resistance, so it should be released as soon as 3G and mobile licenses. Because, from a global perspective, a separate fixed network operators or mobile operators are not conducive to their development. But China's current integration of fixed and mobile terminals resistance is relatively large, because this involves the interests of all operators. In particular, mobile operators will be severely affected.

Integration between the two, the mobile end user will definitely turn a lot of calls to fixed network operators pay a fixed portion of the cost. After all, cheaper to fixed networks, call quality is better. Therefore, mobile operators and fixed network operators is difficult to take the initiative to integrate, this will affect their income.

Triple Play is relatively harder. Currently there are some good sign, in the IPTV, some cities have begun pilot. Central also has "triple play" into the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" was. Telecommunications and broadcasting in some areas to establish win-win situation, IPTV can be carried out; in some places both in their own ways of resistance will be greater integration. Therefore, at present carried out only in the local network convergence, not to form a national follow-up. Fixed as soon as possible to get mobile licenses in order to truly achieve "triple play."

Reporter: We note that fixed-line operators, business innovation in recent years continuously, such as PHS appeared well-informed through functional integration of cordless operation; fit three networks and digital home entertainment IPTV; fixed terminal is moving in the evolution of an integrated information service platform. How do you fixed in the field of fusion phenomena, it can recycling the new value of fixed-line space?

SONG Jun-de: This is a consolidation and development of fixed-line opportunity. Fixed network operators in the PHS, fixed terminal has begun to prepare for future large fusion. Can be used as a fixed phone at home, go and switch to a fixed telephone can still use the PHS. This technology, terminal integration is inevitable. But the current activities in the room is quite small, inter-provincial roaming, or impossible. Fixed network operators in the network, the terminal does not exist any technical problems, the key is subject to constraints such as operating license. FMC is mainly in the terminal and the evolution of applications, this is a future trend.涓氬姟鐨勮瀺鍚堜富瑕佹槸瀵圭敤鎴锋湁甯姪锛屽鐢ㄦ埛閫氫俊寮?敮鐨勮妭鐪侊紝杈愬皠鐨勫噺灏戠瓑銆傚鏋滀竴涓彿灏卞彲浠ヨВ鍐虫墍鏈夌殑閫氫俊鍜屽ū涔愶紝杩欏浜庣敤鎴锋潵璇达紝鏄竴绉嶆瀬澶х殑鏂逛究銆傝繖鏍风敤鎴疯偗瀹氭洿澶氱殑闇?鍥虹綉銆傜暀浣忕敤鎴凤紝杩愯惀鍟嗗叾浠栫殑澧炲?涓氬姟涔熷氨鏈変簡甯傚満绌洪棿銆傛垜浠墍璇寸殑anytime銆乤nywhere鍦ㄥ浐缃戜笂鍙互寰楀埌瀹炵幇锛屽寘鎷琁PTV銆佸浐璇濇墜鏈轰竴鍙烽?銆佸甯︺?鍏朵粬SP鎻愪緵鐨勫鍊间笟鍔$瓑锛岃繖灏辨槸鏈潵鐨勬柊浠峰?绌洪棿銆?br />



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Monday, September 27, 2010

HP's new CEO denied that HP will not sell PC sector glory is over

8 pm the evening of June 20, the new HP CEO Mark Global - Hurd (Mark Hurd) CEO Appreciation Dinner in public that he will not split HP's PC business, or other departments.

The day is Mark - Hurd became HP's CEO after the first visit post in the public tour, Mark attended the afternoon of the 20th anniversary of China HP 20, and host a dinner at the CEO, and speech.

Mark said that despite the depth of HP's competition in the United States, but did not get rid of any business, including the PC, or other parts.

The new CEO also stressed that, "My goal is to make Hewlett-Packard were all optimized to take full advantage of firm size, the advantage to play in this regard, allowing all our customers benefit from, and I firmly believe that research and development, HP is in the IT The only flower heavily in industrial research and development company, and in some strategic industries are central to continued investment in research and development. "

In the afternoon of the 20th anniversary of China HP 20, the mark - Hart also emphasized that its Chinese employees, Hewlett-Packard to reduce overall cost, "There is not any reason, good companies will lower costs, good companies will increase turnover However, a great company will also do two things. "

"My goal is simple: allow HP to the most appropriate price, great delivery of distinctive products, the same time, to achieve timely delivery, and make them a good run. I want the HP to become such a company: that out of what we do, and then making those commitments a reality. "Mark - Heard it said:" I did as president, is that HP will have a glorious day in the future, not the glory has passed. "He acts like Chinese entrepreneurs say.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

"Reverse flow" into "bad money drives out good money" dilemma

The first case of first instance against rogue software by Union ended in failure, it marked the uprising against rogue software (referred to as "reverse flow") into a low-round, with this evidence, the anti-malware, another main cause of Army - anti-virus vendors worry about and its limitations. "We are most worried about is the hit to prosecute." - This is the November 20 Jinshan, vice president, general manager Wang Quanguo drug tyrants in Jinshan into the anti-malware market, the launching ceremony of the inner monologue. In fact, this worry is Kingsoft 1, Jiangmin several anti-virus software and other vendors are faced with this dilemma. This is the beginning of this year in September the status of the cause of anti-malware, very unfortunate, "bad money drives out good money" effect has been the cause of the early field of anti-malware, this is a dangerous signal, if this situation can not be quickly reversed, will endanger the survival and development of the Internet environment!

What is "bad money drives out good money" effect? This is an old principle of economics. Coins in circulation at the time, Mint Condition and Condition poor quality of coinage in circulation in the market as time goes by, good money would be gradually withdrawn from circulation to collections, and circulation is poor purity Bad money, that is, poor money to good money out of the flow of the market - that is economics known as "bad money drives out good money" theory. Now, when we carefully examine the cause of anti-malware, we were surprised to find that it is fully in line with "bad money drives out good money" effect of all of the symptoms.

Folk temporary organization of anti-malware already lost the first case, we temporarily aside worth mentioning; then we look at commercial companies with an interest-driven business opportunities facing the market, how should killing rogue software movement?

Not long ago, the company launched in Jiangmin KV2007, we did indeed contain malware killing this one, but Jiangmin company just as a fringe product KV2007 just does not seem to put this tool to separate killing rogue software made to promote the meaning of software; the just-listed Gold Peak number "clean sweep" of the killing rogue software, the more obscure the rogue software is called "hidden software" - these antivirus software vendors in the face of rogue software , consistent choice is "We give users the right, you decide the fate of the software!" We can not blame the anti-virus software vendors too weak and incompetent, the most critical, if no relevant legal basis and state law enforcement departments license, anti-virus software vendors unilateral action will be a large area to make enemies in the industry, and is likely to face legal proceedings rogue software vendors, which is the reason they have fear. - It's like fear of criminal prosecution of the police as absurd, but it's true. Insiders believe that "the problem now is that rogue software group reported lost, an anti-malware companies fear the defendant, and malicious acts of the software companies have frequently won. Rogue software-defined delay, the law has been a serious lack of affect the general trend of anti-malware. "This is the" bad money drives out good money "in the anti-rogue software best interpreted. Just think, when the fear of rogue anti-virus software vendors as software vendors have fear of prosecution, can not justifiably killing rogue software, so the adverse consequences of the what? That is all the software vendors to develop, promote rogue software, because This risk is small and high returns, so the software appears on the market - even the name of the banner of anti-hooligan software eventually will become a rogue software, and because it is not the case, you can not survive! This is the "Bad Money drove out good money "effect of the plight of the largest, not evil deeds can not survive, there is no middle path you choose - or elements, or exit completely out of the market!

Even companies with an interest-driven business such as Kingsoft and Jiangmin antivirus vendors do nothing, then there is no commercial interests driving the non-governmental organizations and individuals is even more regrettable that Christians call?! However, this does not mean that we do not break this impasse The recipe, as we know it into a "bad money drives out good money" dilemma, then we can only break in accordance with economics on the hardship of the individual action.

How to act? The most important thing is not to "Bad Money" - rogue software to birthright, let no place that is completely negative from the law of its legal existence, which of course have to clear legislation on to define rogue software - It is in this sense, is why I said in an article in the definition of malicious software, the Internet Society is only the first step in anti-malware, and now the key is to turn it up to the legal level, the remaining is how rigorously to enforce the law was. Furthermore, it must share the software and ways to profit through normal channels, so that they are not willing to do rogue software accomplice, accomplices, and rogue software will not be able to throw its rogue of a ruffian. The case, the rogue software problems plagued Internet users can be cured completely, but also the hope of purifying the Internet market within reach!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Stone Flower Fireworks mixed results (2)

The previous section, we have learned through the layer of mixed-mode adjustments resulting dazzling effect, this section we will continue the use of mixed-mode dig! Let's first look at the mixed layer produced by adjusting the effect of drawings and effect diagram is also called the gem name for the time being it took effect, huh, huh, because really I can not think of a more appropriate name, no matter how we look together effect diagram to see this example method of making it!


2, select the oval drawing tool kit, with the Shift key, draw a circle in the editing area, select the circular object on the Properties (attributes) associated panel settings: Stroke (Stroke) option set to None; Fill (filling) mode choice Radial (radiation gradient) fill; Edge (Edge) Select Feather (Feather), the value of the size of the emergence of 10 can use the default.

3, followed by adjustment of the fill color, click the Fill color well, the color settings box will pop up, left the default white color block, the right color block set to "# 003 366." In the color bar from the left side of the color blocks about 1 / 3, click the mouse, automatically add a fill color blocks, to keep the blocks of color without any changes, see the following diagram the specific operation:

4, in the right color from the color block out about 1 / 3, click the mouse to add a fill color blocks, the fill color blocks to adjust the color to become white, as shown below:

5, well, back to the editor, we see a circular object filling effect should be as shown below:

6 Next, we want to round the object to adjust the fill color. Click the circular object will show a color adjustment handle, filled with a click of the mouse in the round handle, move to the circular object below, then select the rectangle fill handle, rotate counterclockwise, and lengthening the two adjustment points distance, the final adjustment effect as shown below:
(Note: the regulation of the two regulating handle you can use other ways, you'll get different results with this case, and you can read this section, self-test, not to go into details here.)

7, select the rectangle object, the implementation of the menu command "Edit / Clone (editing / cloning)," shortcut is "Ctrl + Shift + D", then the implementation of the menu command "Modify / Transform / Numeric Transform (modified / deformation / value deformation), "shortcut is" Ctrl + Shift + T ", the pop-up dialog box, select the deformation for the" Rotate (spin) ", rotation angle of 90 degrees, click the OK button.
Note: The above rotating operation of deformation can also use the menu command "Modify / Transform / Rotate 90 掳 CW (modification / deformation / rotate 90 degrees clockwise)" to achieve.

8, open the Layers level panel, select the layer where the object is cloned, the mixed-mode adjusted to Lighter (highlight) mode, the specific settings as shown below:

9, open the History panel of history, while the three-step operation has just selected "Clone, Trsnform, Blend Mode", then click in the panel bottom left corner of the "Replay" button, as shown below:


10, continuous click "Replay" button three times to return to Layers level board we will find that there have been three cloned object, see the specific results shown below:

11, well, back to the editor to see before us now is to show how an effective plan, see figure below:

12, you do not worry as cases shown in order to get results, then we need to do some work ha ~ ~

13, implementation of the shortcut key "Ctrl + A", also select all objects in the editor, then run the shortcut key "Ctrl + G", will be combined into groups of four objects.鎺ョ潃瑕佸皢璇ョ粍鍚堝璞¤浆鍖栦负浣嶅浘锛屾墽琛屽揩鎹烽敭鈥淐trl+Shift+Alt+Z鈥濓紝鍗冲彲瀹炵幇浣嶅浘鐨勮浆鎹?

Note: here, there may be some friends will ask, why should necessarily translate into a bitmap? Here to make a simple explanation:

We must be clear what our next action, we must object to the combination of Brightness / Contrast (brightness / contrast) adjustments. Select the combination of the object, and then select Properties panel of the "Effects / Adjust Color / Brightness / Contrast" effect of an order will pop up Brightness / Contrast adjustment dialog box, as shown below:

The moment we discovered that the object of the editor changes, and should have been combined effect of the design for the gemstone flowers gone, but merely shows in the top of the graphic object, as shown below:

杩欏綋鐒舵槸鎴戜滑鎵?笉甯屾湜鐨勪簡锛屽洜涓烘垜浠璋冩暣鐨勬槸鏁翠釜缁勫悎瀵硅薄锛岃?涓嶅崟鍗曟槸鏌愪竴灞傜殑瀵硅薄锛屼负浜嗛伩鍏嶅嚭鐜颁笂闈㈢殑鎯呭喌锛屾墍浠ユ垜浠皢缁勫悎瀵硅薄杞寲涓轰簡浣嶅浘銆?br />

15, adjusted the object editor as shown below:


17, well, look at what the editor appeared in the effect of map it! In fact, from my personal perspective, I feel this section of the renderings look better than the previous section should be more like a precious flower it! :) Oh ~ ~ ~

This section of the study to this end, we are still in this section through the adjustment of the mixed-mode to create a wonderful effect drawing style, but this time we add some effects of Effect, which allows us to map the final result does not appear to be more general, Some more beautiful ... ... (Hey, man, do not spit you, I is not telling the truth? ha ha ~ ~ ~ to a face good or bad ~ ~).

Finally Affirms a bit, we hope to do here, these effects should plan better ideas, because each person as long as there are interested, pick up your mouse in the FWMX give our world a few clicks at random, there may lead to patients than the chart provided here, much better the effects to, so we want to give you the solution to the problem of some new ideas and new ways, not just the dried pieces renderings. Hope you will create a more beautiful effect drawing more wonderful to share with you ~ ~ ~


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

How can I control the P2P traffic?

Currently, in order to BitTorrent (hereinafter referred to as BT) on behalf of the P2P download software for the traffic takes up a lot of bandwidth, broadband access, according to statistics more than 50%. This shared bandwidth Ethernet access and other broadband access method presents a great challenge, a large number of access layer switch port to long-term work online speed state, has seriously affected the users normal Web, E-mail and video on demand services. Therefore, operators, business users and users of education and other industries have to restrict such traffic requirements. In this paper, BT, for example, describes the control of P2P traffic in general and to download special method.

BT carried out?

BT and the traditional way to download the biggest difference is the full play to the characteristics of Internet hosts on the other, that each run the TCP / IP stack can be equal to the host (end) to receive or initiate a request, please visit. Although as NAT, firewall and other technology to the public, the whole network (Internet) end of the era has passed, but there are still many hosts still have Interenet end to end capability, in addition, even in the isolated campus network by the firewall, enterprises within the network, the hosts also have end to end environment.

The traditional way is to download the C / S model, or centralized model, that all the host files were downloaded from the server, the host is not available for download, while the server is usually available for download.

The BT download mechanism to download only the host, but also to provide download services, while the server is available for download on the host and the file directory information, as shown in Figure 2. The choice of the host content download some hash features, which often involved downloading the hosts have not yet downloaded the content of other hosts, which can provide download services to other hosts. In this mechanism, the host can be simultaneously downloaded from multiple locations, so download speeds can be increased significantly.

What role BT server?

BT's server provides unified management released, BT client needs to connect to the server to download to get involved in a host of other nodes. In fact, this limit BT traffic for us to provide a simple and feasible means.

BT's. Torrent file includes the server address, file name, directory name, file length and other information, BT client software in the analysis. Torrent file, download the request to the server, the requested URL, including its own port information , download progress and status information.

BT server uses the track program to manage the download request, De Dao 鍚?URL will look for the list to locate corresponding documents to download the hosts. Clients can download, at the same time, if the client has the ability to accept connection requests, track program will host information is also added to the list so that other hosts to find the host and to download.

As the P2P clients can specify their own are often used to provide a download / upload ports, so the traditional way of blocking the port is difficult to work.

How to control the P2P traffic?

Using QoS

Objectively speaking, P2P technology is very suitable for Internet structure, the ability to network resources to maximize the use of a mechanism, in many cases, P2P network infrastructure resources can be saved, for example, a broadband access network, if there are 100 users outside the network to download the same file, the traditional way is to go through the same flow rate of 100 times the export operator. Unless operators or distributed caching service. In BT mode, the flow through the export of a significant decrease because intranet users can download each other. And P2P applications have become a trend, it is difficult to stop blocking P2P alone development.

However, due to the superiority of the mechanism, P2P is inevitable at this stage this model will impact the traditional application, affect the normal business flow.

Therefore, a reasonable starting point is the use of QoS mechanisms to guarantee the normal operation of the business case, allowing users to use P2P application.

More difficulties in this way, the first is how to define the normal business flow, how to plan the bandwidth.

This stage, voice, video traffic, corporate users of e-commerce transactions flows, as well as broadband access users of Web traffic, E-mail and instant messaging traffic flow can be included in the normal course of business, is divided into different priority. Since then, operators can use the user and application development, modification and optimization of QoS configuration.

For this approach, from the traffic analysis point of view, the existing MRTG and other SNMP-based traffic detection methods have been difficult to meet the requirements. To this end, poly Health Science and Technology developed the real-time bandwidth control technology, which directly analyze the data packet transmission communication protocol used, and directly block the agreement signature. P2P transfer tools for a variety of different protocol signature, which can analyze the specific P2P tool that is a normal transmission used in the business (voice, e-commerce transactions flows), or used by non-normal business needs (eg BT to download movies, music), which can provide real-time according to business types differentiate traffic reports, and control.

Control P2P download 1

Control P2P download 2

Port and bandwidth constraints

In the gateway, firewall, port blocking on the most common practice is the current, lower cost, but the results are often unsatisfactory. Applications such as BT to allow users to modify the download, upload port, and therefore be placed on transfer port can be easily bypassed, but as noted, if the limit is usually not modified the tracker port (usually 6969) is relatively easier to achieve purpose.

In the conventional method to be ineffective, you can use the bandwidth limitations of the method to control the BT traffic.

Figure 1 set the bandwidth of the LAN host

Figure 2: Set the LAN host traffic

P2P traffic control for the long term QoS and network traffic by sensing technology (eg, Network Identification Code on the P2P protocol) combination, to achieve intelligent control of the business transparent. From the present perspective, QoS and network traffic has a certain perception may have been implemented, but no effective mechanism for integration. In addition, the use of ports and other infrastructure constraints and bandwidth constraints means, to a certain extent, inhibition of BT traffic.


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